Our ‘CICM culture’ and values by Angela Hicks

Meet one of the founders

Angela Hicks is Joint Principal of CICM. She’s been an acupuncturist since 1976 and co-founded the college in 1993. Today, we talk to her about why she feels it’s important that CICM retains its values and some reasons why you might study acupuncture here.

Our student-centred culture

Before opening our doors to students, we thought about what kind of college we wanted it to be. Those who were involved in the college – about twenty of us at the time – met to decide on our ‘college values’.  Not every college is set up with its values as a core issue, but the same important values still lie at the heart of our college.

We agreed that a key value is for our students’ welfare to stay central to everything we do. We think this is key to CICM being the very special place it is.

What’s in it for you?

When people come to our open days they often comment on the college’s wonderful atmosphere. We occupy a beautiful Georgian listed building and so it has big windows, light classrooms and lots of space, making it an enjoyable place for you to study.

There’s something else that you’ll see throughout the college that contributes to the atmosphere. Staff and students alike share a passion for what we do. We consider it a real privilege that we can support patients on their path to good health. We set up the college to teach a combination of two main styles of treatment – Five Element acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These two styles together can support patients physically, mentally and spiritually.  Acupuncture does more than just relieve symptoms; it also changes lives. The results from treatment ensure that when students graduate they remain enthusiastic about doing acupuncture throughout a lifelong career.

Supporting each other

Acupuncture is all about supporting and caring for people and class groups reflect this. As a student here you can contact us for support in many different ways. You have your own personal tutor, regular tutorials and we frequently meet with class ‘reps’, and communicate via newsletters and social media.  You also have extensive online support through our virtual learning environment.

As staff, we meet regularly to discuss the course and your study. We want to make sure that the course is the best it can be for you, and we work together to enable that to happen. After you graduate we also have a huge variety of continuing professional development (CPD) courses which you can see on our website. We also offer year-long diploma courses.

Your learning environment

We’re not perfect of course – we’re human. But if we make mistakes we make sure we learn from them. By doing this over the years we think we’ve continued to improve and make the college a better place. If you choose to study here you will grow, develop, and change for the better. You become more practitioner minded and aware, especially through learning Chinese Medicine concepts about what makes people ‘tick’. We hope that those of you who want to learn acupuncture will come to an open day or visit us and ‘catch’ our teachers’ and students’ passion. If you study here we’d like you to be inspired by our love of acupuncture.

Angela Hicks is a founder and joint principal of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine

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