Five Reasons to study acupuncture at CICM by Efthymios Foteinos

International student, Ef, tells us why he wants to encourage you to enter the unique profession of an acupuncturist and why he thinks CICM is the best place to do it.

CICM will push you to your full potential.

After almost three years of studying acupuncture at CICM, I can honestly say the course has transformed me as a budding acupuncturist, as well as influencing my personal development. The course structure is an ideal blend of theory and practice.

The structure of the course means you constantly revisit theory and practice to help make learning and retaining the information a natural process.

Opportunity to widen your practical acupuncture skills.

The additional practical skills sessions, held most Fridays and Saturdays, allow you to develop, or work on your practical skills. For me, these helped provide additional skills and insight into areas of acupuncture I would not have otherwise discovered.

The support and guidance from staff are second to none.

All the staff at CICM are approachable and very generous with their time and always happy to talk through things you don’t understand. As English is not my first language, I had to take advantage of this a lot!

The CICM Acupuncture course helps you flourish as an independent practitioner.

With much of the third year dedicated to applying your skills at clinic-level, this helps to build up confidence by putting into practice what you have learned. You also gain valuable experience independently addressing patient concerns, but all the while knowing you have the support of your supervisors, should you need it.

My journey as an acupuncturist has been tremendous. Over three years, I’ve continuously been growing and learning in a beautiful college that I can truly call home. My teachers have become mentors and I have them to thank for my acupuncture expertise today. Although it’s been a challenging journey, travelling from Greece to the UK to attend CICM has truly been worth it and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

If you are interested in acupuncture, please come along to a CICM Open Day. I speak from experience when I say that once you step into the college, you will immediately sense the support and passion that permeates throughout everything that this college does.

Efthymios Foteinos is a recent graduate of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine

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